Old Vegetable Oil

I had a bottle of old vegetable oil…old oil gets a slightly rancid smell and I’m extremely sensitive to it as it’s going off, so even fresh oil can smell like old oil to me and when it does I just set it aside to use for some other purpose.

I’m betting you are wondering what other purpose there can be for old oil?  Well, today I used it on old furniture.  I got this tip from Miss Mustard Seed’s site…there she explains how to bring old furniture back to life without stripping and refinishing.  She suggests you add 3/4 cup of oil to 1/4 cup of vinegar and wipe it on the furniture.

That is what I do…and it works rather nicely.  It isn’t going to bring something old back to life, instead it will improve dried out pieces that you don’t want to spend money on refinishing- like the bottoms of my dining room chairs get all dinged up when people hook their feet over the bottom rungs.  A swipe of the oil/vinegar and the rungs look like the rest of the chair.

Do you have any quick tips for keeping house?  Let us know!




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