Easter Dinner!

A friend of mine was talking about how Easter has become so commercialized.  She thought that Easter wasn’about bunnies or chicks or eggs, or baskets.  I nodded and agreed.  I don’t think she wanted me to launch into the history of  Easter traditions I think she was sharing a  point of view and I understood her feelings.

I’m a Christian and so Easter is a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Easter is a part of the Church’s calendar- it starts with Lent where people fast and repent, and we get ashes on our heads, and then we give up things till we get to Easter week where we remember some of the sadness  about being separated from God.  Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are sort of dark days, but when Easter Sunday comes then all is right with the world!  So Easter is about celebrating new life in general, but it’s more about celebrating a personal “new life” in Jesus.

I’m no scholar so please don’t take my word as “gospel” on what Easter is about.  I just wanted to say that for me Easter isn’t about dyeing eggs and having a meal…and yet, each year I look forward to buying a ham, and preparing a meal.  It is part of my family’s traditions.

I’d like to know what you are doing this Easter?  I hope that you have the chance to visit with friends and family.  And I would personally like to wish you and yours a very Happy Easter!



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