Easter Is Not About A Rabbit! :)

This “Easter Question” won’t let me go.  So I’m going to go out on a limb and try to  wrap my own thoughts around why people don’t like things like Santa or the Easter Bunny.

People can and certainly do mock Santa and the Easter
bunny for their not being “real”, but it seems to me that it is quite a concept to accept  that there are things in this world that we can’t hear or see or directly experience, and that is a pretty important part of what actually is taught in the Bible.

So at a very simplistic level of course all you fuss-pots  are right, Santa isn’t Biblical, and neither are Xmas trees or Easter eggs, but, umm, hope and faith are Biblical. Mocking faith by suggesting it’s all based on fictional representations and then to move from there to the argument that God is also just a figure of folks demented imaginations, well, that misses the larger picture. In short,according to my religious tradition, man ( or me) can’t know the mind of God. Basically I don’t have to defend the Church, or it’s adherents. It isn’t my job. I’m not called to it. I can put my two cents in, but only if that is what I’m feeling led to do. And even if I think it feels right, it still might be wrong for me to assume I’m supposed to do it. Waiting on God is complicated. And don’t even let me start on what it might look like If I begin to question myself by asking ” is God telling me to support Santa? Or does God need me to prove he exists? Then I’m bound to look like a lunatic. But you know what? God just might want me to look like lunatic!

The wonderful thing about being a Christian is that we know we can rest knowing God is in control. WE don’t have to wade into every battle- we just have to be listening and willing to respond when we are personally called to stand up before God and before our fellow men. It is part of my Christian hope that I will lay my way straight in life, so that I don’t have too rocky a climb towards God’s eternal love. My personal salvation comes from my having a heart trained on God and my fellow man. To me, that is what it’s all about.

So yes, I’ll admit that the Santa suits and the chocolate rabbits have made Christianity look a little silly-yes, it is sort of like it was made up by mad people who’ve created characters to sway youngsters into believing in fairy tales. But the bottom line is that that isn’t what brings people together in Church. Oh, and by the way, when I say Church, I don’t mean the building with the fancy spire and the wooden pews…I mean the “body of Christ”, but now we are back to talking conceptually again!

I pray that you and yours have lots of joy and love this Easter…along with some chocolate and a couple of jelly beans!

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