How I Really Feel About Things!

I was thinking it seems odd, even to me, that I don’t use this blog as a method of promoting my own opinions here online.  Sometimes, if you read me regularly, I imagine you’ll arrive at some of my ideas  about life…but I don’t tend to think that my opinion on things is all that remarkable.  Mostly I think I’m one person with one point of view and sometimes I’ve had to deal with the rather uncomfortable and awkward ordeal of changing my opinions…actually, when I wrote sometimes… I meant it happens rather often.

I have opinions just like everyone else does, but to  be as fair to myself as I can, I try not to mistakenly assume that my ideas are in any way related to the set of ideas we can refer to as ” the right ideas”.  I don’t need that pressure!

So I’m going to continue posting about those things that strike me as being important, but for goodness sake, there are some posts that are much more important than others in my personal life, but hey, if they wind up here, they have some resonance in my life.  I hope that my sharing is worthwhile.  I know I’d like to know more about my readers opinions… of course that is asking a lot and I recognize that.  But I see lots of you coming to visit here and I do appreciate having you stop by.



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