Happy Easter!

Good Morning and God Bless!

I’d like to greet those of you who are celebrating this holiday by attending your local church, and I’d also like to say Happy Easter to those of you who aren’t.  Today is a holiday that celebrates renewal and rebirth and for those of us who are Christian, the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus.  It’s also a holiday where families gather together with friends for food and where children get excited about rabbits and chicks and Easter baskets.

That is quite a mixed celebration isn’t it?

But you know what?  There are a lot of people who  want to deny themselves the right to get together with friends and family…or who  want to keep confectionary treats away from this celebration…or who want to say it’s all built on nonsense.  You can find a lot of disagreement in the world about whether today is the right day to celebrate that resurrection, or you’ll find folks arguing about those candy bunnies and chicks connected to the holiday, or you’ll find folks saying Easter is a pagan tradition…or those who tell you if it’s not closely tied to the Passover of the Jews, then it’s nonsense.

Whoa, it seems like there is quite a bit to argue about doesn’t it?

I remember once asking one of my ministers one of my burning  religious questions and he surprised me by saying to me ” Sometimes you just have to stop asking and see what happens!”  It didn’t seem like a sufficient answer at the time, but looking back years later I think I finally get it.  Arguing and debating and pulling things apart is what I wanted to do.  It seemed rational to test my faith by using my own knowledge.  I think a lot of us are like that.  We are desperate not to be tricked or cajoled or fooled into believing in things we consider foolish.  That is a tough job for most of us, isn’t it?  I know I used to try awfully hard to understand what religion was trying to teach me.

These days, since I’m a little older, and perhaps a little wiser…I don’t care about the details.  When you get to a certain place in life you either trust what you are living, or you don’t.  If you don’t- then you’ve got quite a row to hoe ahead of you, if you do, then you can invest your energy in what is ahead of you and stop worrying needlessly over what is behind you.  I don’t imagine everything I think and know is 100 percent accurate.  As a brash youth I’d have struggled to know things just to prove I was an intellectual.  Now I don’t care whether others would consider me a great thinker or not, I just know I like to think about things!  I don’t need a title.  I don’t need identifiers.  I’m just me.

That is my religion.  It’s a little messy.  It isn’t neatly packaged, but I think I’m okay with it.  I’m not a perfect Christian, but  since I’m familiar with Christianity’s traditions, I’m  choosing that path as my own.  In truth, holidays in the Christian church aren’t all fun and games, nonetheless, my holidays are all celebratory.  If that makes me irreligious, so be it.

All that said, some of you probably want to get back to worrying about Easter…Here is some  information for you- the  fact  is that  many Christian churches celebrate it today, or they will in 7 days, because it was decided that way a long time ago. ( See Council of Nicaea)  It isn’t celebrated today because this day is the exact day that Jesus rose from the dead.  It does not correspond to Passover accurately.  Today’s celebration is almost entirely removed from any historical dates.  It’s just Easter today!  And Easter  is the day we celebrate Jesus being raised from the dead and having a new life, and  beginning a new ministry with his apostles here on Earth.

Sure, you can argue with what I’m  writing here.  I’m sure I’ve opened myself up to tons of arguments.  But my question is what is the point?  What if you just let go of all  the questing you’ve been doing and you just let life happen to you?  Just accept what people have told you, don’t question everything immediately. It isn’t about you being taken for a fool, it’s more about you feeling a little shared happiness.  Just allow yourself to be present and see what happens.

Today is Easter!  Most Christians aren’t theologians!  It isn’t part of the agreement in order to be faithful!

It is Easter!  Can you remember when people used to dress up for Easter?  Can you remember your family going to church?

It is Easter!  Be happy!  God bless you and yours.

It is Easter!  There are plenty of unknowns!  So what! 🙂






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