What Can I Say?

I am stunned about what is going on in Boston.  It is incredible to me that anyone would want to blow people up.  I have spent the past few days searching like a lot of other people for the person who might have done that evil act…I noticed the folks over at 4chan when they spotted the Tsarnaev brothers.  I didn’t think they were the killers.  But what did I know anyhow?!

Now it seems that 2 young men killed people for their own twisted pleasure. One of the brothers is now dead- I saw a photo of what appeared to be his body.  It was a very gruesome picture.  His chest had been pried open, probably by the medical staff, in order to stop internal bleeding and get his heart pumping.  Seeing the cyanotic body of Tamerlan wasn’t pleasant.  It didn’t make me glad.  I felt sick.

This hasn’t been a great week.  First the runners, and then the West Texas explosion with the accompanying devastation to local families, and last night and today a hunt for the bomber known to most of us as “Suspect #2”.

I was over at the Thriftway in Sanatoga today and while there I wound up talking about what was going on in Boston with 2 total strangers.  It was sort of nice to look directly into the eyes of a stranger and see the same exact confusion and stress that I’ve been feeling mirrored in their eyes.

I’m sure in the coming weeks we’ll be talking about shutting down all of Boston over a 19 year old.  We’ll talk about how the media brings us faulty news in it’s attempts to beat other outlets with the “best news”.  We’ll talk about Islam and people who dedicate their lives to Jihad.  We’ll talk about our government and whether Obama handled this horrible situation in the right way.  We’ll talk about the folks who were asked to leave their homes in bare feet and robes.  We’ll talk about gathering in the US at sports events and at concerts and we’ll wonder if we should be banning gun powder or assault rifles?

We’ve got a lot of hard discussions ahead of us.

But right now, we are going to have to make it through today.  How are we going to deal with one 19 year old terrorist?  Don’t make the mistake and think I’m feeling sorry for this kid.  I don’t.  If he is guilty then I want him prosecuted.  Hell, what I really want is for this crap to have never happened.  I want Martin to be able to play this weekend…I want Krystle to go to another baseball game, and I want Liu to make it back to China to see family.  I want Jeff to walk on his own legs!  God this week is tough, it sucks big time!  But I’m writing because I want to let everyone who stops by here to know that other people, people like me, and people like those women I met at the supermarket….many of us are feeling stressed and upset by what is going on around us.  All of our pain, and our anger and our confusion is  going to stay with us for quite a while.

Be strong.  Take care of yourself and those you love.  Keep safe.


your friend,





Boston Stirred Up a Hornet’s Nest!

The Boston tragedy has been devastating hasn’t it?  To see the blasts and the fear and the victims and to hear about the families who have lost precious members because of someone’s sick behavior- the Boston tragedy has certainly stirred Americans to rethink public spaces hasn’t it?

I was reading  on the web about some difficult events worldwide  sadly some of those wound up taking many more lives.  I noticed that  the people who were mentioning those events  were saying things like ” In this country ___ people have died, and no one in America even cared, but you Americans have only a few people die at an American event and your whole country is in an uproar.”   That strikes me as pretty sad. It’s sad on many levels.  It is sad  that people from other nations don’t understand what it is to feel a personal identity with your country so that an event that hurts citizens on the other side of the country can feel like a personal attack, or a personal pain.   It’s horrible what happened in Boston, but I’ve got to say that I’m glad that Americans have the sense that when one bad thing happens to some of us, in this case in Boston,  in a much larger sense, that explosion has happened to all of us.  And who couldn’t look at the flags from countries all over the world to see that Americans are even willing to feel at “one with the whole world”!

We’ve got a some problems in America, some are with our system of government- it doesn’t always work in the way some of us as individuals want it to, and in our legal system  we sometimes  lock up the wrong people,  or perhaps even worse, we don’t lock up the right ones.  We have got some sick and deluded citizens in our mix and beyond that we have some rogue foreign parties trying to attack us.  We aren’t perfect, but we do often think of ourselves as “one”.

Seeing how people responded here in America when a horrible situation unfolded makes me proud of this country!  I am sorry about the earthquake in Pakistan!  I pray for the  safety  of people in Pakistan, and Mali, and Iraq.  I am worried about Venezuela.  But I certainly care a lot about what happened in Boston!

I care about the world we are all connected, but I care a little more right now for the people of Boston.. because,well, they are like immediate  family!


Finding the Boston Bomb!

I’m raking my brain trying to filter through the images from Monday and I happened upon these over at Deadspin.  I remember seeing the  balloons because I thought it was odd that they didn’t pop.  When I saw the image of the man holding the balloons I figured the bomb had to be in close proximity, but not so close that they’d break immediately.  One blew into the street just as the bomb explodes, and  the rest just fly  up on their own power directly after.  I’ve been trying to see other images with the  balloons.  In this photo they are right there, and a young man with a cooler bag is standing directly behind them.

Please notice  the young man in the blue t-shirt with the large white and black backpack/cooler bag.  The yellow balloons held by the guy in front of that space floated away in the blast.  First one slipped away, then the rest floated upward.  So I think one ribbon was sliced in the original blast.  Next the woman glancing down at her watch or something, maybe her ipod with the blond pony tail and the bright blue sleeves  seems to trip and fall , she apparently rolls over because in the shot with the white smoke she seems to have her pony tail pulling downward so she has physically turned her body.  She would have come straight into contact with the cooler guy, or the bag.  There is something that she’s come into contact with…at least that would be my guess.


Condi Rice Broke The Lady Barrier at Augusta!

A year or so ago Condi Rice gave an interview to Golf Digest in which she said she didn’t mind that there were organizations that were for men only and those that were for women only…she even acknowledged that Augusta should be allowed to keep women out. She said she had a lot of friends who were members there and the decisions on whether they should be a male only club was up to them.

Funny isn’t it?  Because this year Condi is wearing one of those Green jackets that members at Augusta get to wear.  She’s broken the sex barrier to membership there.

I can’t figure out if I’m happy…or sad.  I mean, it means nothing to me personally what she and her friends do, or where she goes to play golf…but it does mean something to me when I think of it from a feminist perspective.  Apparently her style of saying that she didn’t want something to change…and then being one of the first people to enjoy the change when it takes place seems a little disconcerting to me.  Did she say what she really meant?  Or was she confused in thinking that it was okay for men to have their own “boys clubs”?  Did she change her mind?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter one iota to me because I don’t see myself ever taking up the sport of golf.  I can’t say I care who can enter a club, and I don’t care much about who can’t, but I guess I’m glad for Condi if she’s happy being a member at Augusta!





What a Great Day!

Actually, today wasn’t a great day in some respects- I found out this morning  that something I loved is going away. POOF!

But putting that aside, today was fabulous!  With weather like this, it’s hard to be sad even when things are pretty darn sad!

I thought it was odd though when about 1pm this afternoon town was almost empty.  I mean, there were a few people out wandering around, but compared to the usual activity life in Pottstown was rather quiet this afternoon.

A little later in the afternoon, there were some folks out walking around enjoying the day.  There were so many people walking over at Riverfront park near the college.  The grass is getting green and there were yellow patches of flowers sprouting all over the place.  Today was a lovely day.

I hope you got out and enjoyed it where you were!





China Doesn’t Want Nuclear War Next Door!

Here is some pleasant news about the potential for nuclear conflagration starting in North Korea,  China is the North’s financial partner, or parent is a little disturbed by the saber rattling going on in North Korea.  Here is some of the story from Al Jazeera News-

Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China opposed “provocative words and actions” from any party in the region and would “not allow troublemaking on China’s doorstep,” in a sharply worded comment on Saturday to UN chief Ban Ki-moon.

The North’s mobilised missiles are reported to be untested Musudan models which are believed to have a range of about 3,000km.

That would cover any target in South Korea and Japan, and possibly even US military bases on the Pacific island of Guam.

The North has no proven intercontinental ballistic missile capability that would enable it to strike more distant US targets, and many experts say it is unlikely it can even mount a nuclear warhead on a mid-range missile.


Nuclear War and Me

I remember as a child I worried about there being a Nuclear War.  I imagined that it meant a larger war than anything the world had ever experienced, and somehow that translated directly in my child mind into something like each person would be hit directly in the face with their own personal bomblet.  It was horrible to think about.  I envisioned having to walk around in face masks in order to be able to breathe the air.  And the world I’d continue to live in, if I was lucky enough to survive the carnage, would be a world that looked completely different- It would be alien.

Now as an adult, it’s hard to connect those childish fears with our current reality in which a nut-case in North Korea has a couple of nuclear weapons that he’s posturing about.  He’s making neighbor countries worry that he just  might shoot his weapons off.  It’s absolutely crazy, but I’ve got to tell you that my adult self is less worried about complete world demolition.

Now I’m thinking that Kim’s nukes will hit Japan, or Guam. And while that is still a noxious thought because of course I hate the idea of a couple of nuclear weapons being released anywhere on the planet, but still, it is semi-comforting that in all likelihood I probably won’t have to clean up any remnants of nuclear disaster right out front of my own house.I( NIMBY)

It still pisses me off though, now that I know that nuclear materials can survive no matter where they are detonated to waft through the air on currents that honestly make a nuclear explosion anywhere here on Earth a potential hazard for all of us on this planet.

But then I remember  Fukushima which wasn’t all that great for the planet and we know that had nothing to do with war.

No, I no longer think that the world will crystallize because of the heat put off by a nuclear bomb.  Now I just think that a small area will be decimated.  It’s so damn depressing that adults think it’s okay to bomb  each other into some kind of sick submission to their way of thinking- but that seems like our current reality.

Okay, so here have a crazy person with a couple of nuclear devices, or at least he says he has them.   He’s  apparently ready to use them.  Fact is that they probably won’t hit my neighborhood, unless meany Kim Jong-Un reads my blog post and has a particularly devious streak in him- wait a minute…what am I saying?  This is the guy with the nuclear weapons!

Sheesh.  You know what the worst thing about all of this is for me?  It’s the sense of tired disgustedness I feel.   I don’t want a world war to start, but I am afraid I also feel like something is going to have to happen to change the dynamic that we have going on with small nations threatening the well-being of the entire world because they feel irritated, or angry at the US.  But I don’t have any good ideas on solving that problem.

I know what I’m not going to do-I’m not going to run out and by sugar and chocolate and heating oil and rubber gaskets for home auto repairs.  I’m not going to purchase a gas mask or a geiger counter. Frankly, I’m sort of tired of being afraid.  What will  come, will come.

Of course, I hope something wonderful happens to make the idea of a nuclear disaster go  away.  Something has to change and soon, because we can’t ignore the threats, and we can’t worry about them from now till eternity.

The one thing I do feel is that if North Korea does use it’s nuclear arsenal, then I’m pretty sure no matter how angry people are at the US for being a bossy domineering neighbor, the citizens of the globe will line up to put some controls on nations like North Korea.  It is very sad that we’ll have to wait and see…but what choice do any of us have?

I hope this is a good week.  I hope none of us have to worry about nuclear blasts!

As for me, here is what I am going to do- I’m going to do my best to live well in each and every moment I am lucky enough to have, and if it’s true that the world is populated  with some crazy people who want to destroy the planet for their  own wicked pleasures- well really, what is that to me?  I’m going to enjoy Spring!




Helping Teens Stay Healthy

In an article this morning over at USA Today, I read about a few methods to keep teens BMI down.  It seems that giving young people smaller plates actually induces them to take less food. The bigger the plate, the more food is consumed, and it isn’t necessarily the healthy stuff either.

Second, cut down on television watching time.  The research found that it wasn’t screen time that was increasing BMI in kids, it was television which they assumed had to do with the commercials for snacks and fatty foods that are broadcast on television.

And last, tell your kids that it is medically suggested that they get 10 hours of sleep.  When I told my daughter she needed ten hours she laughed at me, because for her a wake up time of 6 am means she needs to get to sleep by 8 in the evening.

In the past I always thought the rule of thumb for sleep was 8 hours, but it looks like people may need more sleep than that and the standard appears to have changed.

My daughter wouldn’t agree to the 8 pm bedtime, so I said I might have to start going to bed by 8.  She laughed at me. 🙂