How Are Our Taxes Spent?

26.5 cents of your federal income tax dollar went to the military;

— 20 cents went toward health care;

— 13.6 cents was used to pay interest on the debt;

— 12.2 cents funded unemployment and labor;

— 5.4 cents headed to the government;

— 4.4 cents were spent on food and agriculture;

— 4.3 cents went to veterans benefits;

— 4.2 cents were given to housing and community;

— 3.5 cents were contributed to education;

— 2.1 cents went to energy and environment;

— 1.4 cents contributed to internal affairs;

— 1.4 cents also went to transportation; and

— 1 cent was given to science.

Tax Day 2013 Photo: National Priorities Project This graph shows where your 2012 tax dollars went.


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