Makeup Free Barbie Not Quite a Hag!

Before and After, Mexican designer presents Barbie without makeup CREDIT: <a href="http://www.behance.net/gallery/Barbie/2143713" target="_blank">Behance</a>
Okay, I’ll admit the makeup free version of Barbie won’t have little girls rushing out to purchase her, but she isn’t quite a hag, as some reviewers are suggesting.  The untouched up version has braces, and yellowing teeth, no eye makeup and oily skin…but is she a hag?  Sheesh!
The part that I hated about seeing the “hag version” of the doll is that she has freckles!  And apparently freckles detract from her beauty!
As a freckled person I strenuously object!  Freckles aren’t disgusting…they are darling.

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