Manatee Dresses on Sale at Target!

Whoa, what a mistake Target made in choosing to advertise the name of the shade of gray they used in a plus sized dress.  The color the manufacturer provided was called “manatee gray”.  But of course a very similar color for a smaller sized dress was considered by that material provider as ” dark heather gray”.

If Target wants to annoy all the heavy set women in the world, that is their business, but I don’t think it was a very smart move at all, and that is from my point of view as a heavy set woman!  I’d have preferred something in a nice ” dugong dun” color.

Before I get off this topic, I just wanted to let all the people in the world who have a problem with “fatties” know that it looks like folks with  dementia are going to cost the world more in the future compared to those who suffer health problems from being overweight.  So if you are tired of paying for health care for folks who have problems due to fat like strokes, high blood pressure, and or diabetes…well, just you see how much it is going to cost you to pay for folks who are suffering from “brain diabetes”!






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