What If The Jobs Don’t Come Back?

Things are a little tight financially for some of us- sure for others it is as if there is nothing wrong at all, but for a large number of decent, hard working, dedicated Americans life is getting tougher because the jobs are disappearing.

A couple of years ago I remember hearing forecasters talking about service jobs and how they were the wave of the future.  The suggestions were to break into fields like delivery services, and personal care services.  I never imagined that jobs would get so scarce for those of us who weren’t in direct service jobs.  Check the job ads…you’ll find a lot of service type jobs, but the bad news is many of  them are relatively low paying.

The bad news for most low level entrepreneurs is that it takes money to make money.  It’s almost impossible to offer services without some kind of governmental controls.  I get it, I think it’s helpful to have some kinds of controls, but when those restrictions prevent people from starting new businesses then it isn’t so great.

Look around, if you can afford to make 17 dollars an hour or less in this area, then there are plenty of jobs for you.  But if you can’t?  Well, then you just might have to search a little farther afield to find something that will allow you to live a relatively decent life.  Consider how much transportation, housing, medical, food costs!  Low wage jobs aren’t helping families get ahead!

So what are we going to do about it?  Well, there are a few options- the first is we ignore it completely and hope we aren’t bothered by it!  The second is we start talking about it in our communities and try to figure out how to improve our chances at bringing worthwhile jobs to the area.  The last option would be we start finding like-minded people and we band together to create new businesses locally.

I’m still trying to ignore the lack of businesses that are hiring with great wages in our area!  The problem is that when things get tight, it doesn’t take long for them to get tight all over!  The security I am feeling right at this moment is sort of fragile and tenuous if we look at things from a long term perspective.

Oh well…I’ll think about it a little harder tomorrow!






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