Helping Teens Stay Healthy

In an article this morning over at USA Today, I read about a few methods to keep teens BMI down.  It seems that giving young people smaller plates actually induces them to take less food. The bigger the plate, the more food is consumed, and it isn’t necessarily the healthy stuff either.

Second, cut down on television watching time.  The research found that it wasn’t screen time that was increasing BMI in kids, it was television which they assumed had to do with the commercials for snacks and fatty foods that are broadcast on television.

And last, tell your kids that it is medically suggested that they get 10 hours of sleep.  When I told my daughter she needed ten hours she laughed at me, because for her a wake up time of 6 am means she needs to get to sleep by 8 in the evening.

In the past I always thought the rule of thumb for sleep was 8 hours, but it looks like people may need more sleep than that and the standard appears to have changed.

My daughter wouldn’t agree to the 8 pm bedtime, so I said I might have to start going to bed by 8.  She laughed at me. 🙂





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