Condi Rice Broke The Lady Barrier at Augusta!

A year or so ago Condi Rice gave an interview to Golf Digest in which she said she didn’t mind that there were organizations that were for men only and those that were for women only…she even acknowledged that Augusta should be allowed to keep women out. She said she had a lot of friends who were members there and the decisions on whether they should be a male only club was up to them.

Funny isn’t it?  Because this year Condi is wearing one of those Green jackets that members at Augusta get to wear.  She’s broken the sex barrier to membership there.

I can’t figure out if I’m happy…or sad.  I mean, it means nothing to me personally what she and her friends do, or where she goes to play golf…but it does mean something to me when I think of it from a feminist perspective.  Apparently her style of saying that she didn’t want something to change…and then being one of the first people to enjoy the change when it takes place seems a little disconcerting to me.  Did she say what she really meant?  Or was she confused in thinking that it was okay for men to have their own “boys clubs”?  Did she change her mind?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter one iota to me because I don’t see myself ever taking up the sport of golf.  I can’t say I care who can enter a club, and I don’t care much about who can’t, but I guess I’m glad for Condi if she’s happy being a member at Augusta!




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