Finding the Boston Bomb!

I’m raking my brain trying to filter through the images from Monday and I happened upon these over at Deadspin.  I remember seeing the  balloons because I thought it was odd that they didn’t pop.  When I saw the image of the man holding the balloons I figured the bomb had to be in close proximity, but not so close that they’d break immediately.  One blew into the street just as the bomb explodes, and  the rest just fly  up on their own power directly after.  I’ve been trying to see other images with the  balloons.  In this photo they are right there, and a young man with a cooler bag is standing directly behind them.

Please notice  the young man in the blue t-shirt with the large white and black backpack/cooler bag.  The yellow balloons held by the guy in front of that space floated away in the blast.  First one slipped away, then the rest floated upward.  So I think one ribbon was sliced in the original blast.  Next the woman glancing down at her watch or something, maybe her ipod with the blond pony tail and the bright blue sleeves  seems to trip and fall , she apparently rolls over because in the shot with the white smoke she seems to have her pony tail pulling downward so she has physically turned her body.  She would have come straight into contact with the cooler guy, or the bag.  There is something that she’s come into contact with…at least that would be my guess.

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