Boston Stirred Up a Hornet’s Nest!

The Boston tragedy has been devastating hasn’t it?  To see the blasts and the fear and the victims and to hear about the families who have lost precious members because of someone’s sick behavior- the Boston tragedy has certainly stirred Americans to rethink public spaces hasn’t it?

I was reading  on the web about some difficult events worldwide  sadly some of those wound up taking many more lives.  I noticed that  the people who were mentioning those events  were saying things like ” In this country ___ people have died, and no one in America even cared, but you Americans have only a few people die at an American event and your whole country is in an uproar.”   That strikes me as pretty sad. It’s sad on many levels.  It is sad  that people from other nations don’t understand what it is to feel a personal identity with your country so that an event that hurts citizens on the other side of the country can feel like a personal attack, or a personal pain.   It’s horrible what happened in Boston, but I’ve got to say that I’m glad that Americans have the sense that when one bad thing happens to some of us, in this case in Boston,  in a much larger sense, that explosion has happened to all of us.  And who couldn’t look at the flags from countries all over the world to see that Americans are even willing to feel at “one with the whole world”!

We’ve got a some problems in America, some are with our system of government- it doesn’t always work in the way some of us as individuals want it to, and in our legal system  we sometimes  lock up the wrong people,  or perhaps even worse, we don’t lock up the right ones.  We have got some sick and deluded citizens in our mix and beyond that we have some rogue foreign parties trying to attack us.  We aren’t perfect, but we do often think of ourselves as “one”.

Seeing how people responded here in America when a horrible situation unfolded makes me proud of this country!  I am sorry about the earthquake in Pakistan!  I pray for the  safety  of people in Pakistan, and Mali, and Iraq.  I am worried about Venezuela.  But I certainly care a lot about what happened in Boston!

I care about the world we are all connected, but I care a little more right now for the people of Boston.. because,well, they are like immediate  family!

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