What Can I Say?

I am stunned about what is going on in Boston.  It is incredible to me that anyone would want to blow people up.  I have spent the past few days searching like a lot of other people for the person who might have done that evil act…I noticed the folks over at 4chan when they spotted the Tsarnaev brothers.  I didn’t think they were the killers.  But what did I know anyhow?!

Now it seems that 2 young men killed people for their own twisted pleasure. One of the brothers is now dead- I saw a photo of what appeared to be his body.  It was a very gruesome picture.  His chest had been pried open, probably by the medical staff, in order to stop internal bleeding and get his heart pumping.  Seeing the cyanotic body of Tamerlan wasn’t pleasant.  It didn’t make me glad.  I felt sick.

This hasn’t been a great week.  First the runners, and then the West Texas explosion with the accompanying devastation to local families, and last night and today a hunt for the bomber known to most of us as “Suspect #2”.

I was over at the Thriftway in Sanatoga today and while there I wound up talking about what was going on in Boston with 2 total strangers.  It was sort of nice to look directly into the eyes of a stranger and see the same exact confusion and stress that I’ve been feeling mirrored in their eyes.

I’m sure in the coming weeks we’ll be talking about shutting down all of Boston over a 19 year old.  We’ll talk about how the media brings us faulty news in it’s attempts to beat other outlets with the “best news”.  We’ll talk about Islam and people who dedicate their lives to Jihad.  We’ll talk about our government and whether Obama handled this horrible situation in the right way.  We’ll talk about the folks who were asked to leave their homes in bare feet and robes.  We’ll talk about gathering in the US at sports events and at concerts and we’ll wonder if we should be banning gun powder or assault rifles?

We’ve got a lot of hard discussions ahead of us.

But right now, we are going to have to make it through today.  How are we going to deal with one 19 year old terrorist?  Don’t make the mistake and think I’m feeling sorry for this kid.  I don’t.  If he is guilty then I want him prosecuted.  Hell, what I really want is for this crap to have never happened.  I want Martin to be able to play this weekend…I want Krystle to go to another baseball game, and I want Liu to make it back to China to see family.  I want Jeff to walk on his own legs!  God this week is tough, it sucks big time!  But I’m writing because I want to let everyone who stops by here to know that other people, people like me, and people like those women I met at the supermarket….many of us are feeling stressed and upset by what is going on around us.  All of our pain, and our anger and our confusion is  going to stay with us for quite a while.

Be strong.  Take care of yourself and those you love.  Keep safe.


your friend,




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