Did You Guys Like Cloud Atlas?

I sort of hated that flick.  Someone has to tell Hollywood that their special effects are not that great.  While the actors looked different in their altered roles, they still looked like themselves with prostheses.

The movie was too complicated and kind of sexist and I just felt rather bored with the whole thing.  I wonder if there was something I was missing about it’s story?  Did anyone else enjoy it?

I guess the good thing about renting it on cable was it only cost us 4.99 rather than the 49.00 it would have cost us to go out and watch it in a theater.

Isn’t it incredible to flick through all the movies that are available anymore and wonder how the heck does Hollywood produce so many crappy movies that no one wants to see?

Anyone have an idea for a film they’d like to watch?  Do you have the nerve to share your idea?  Wouldn’t it be wild if we could figure out a way to promote Pottstown films?

Hey, have a great day!



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