Two More Days of School!

I can’t wait till school is out for my kids.  This year my oldest graduated college! Whooopee! I’m so proud of her, I didn’t brag about her on here, but she is one fine young woman and I genuinely feel lucky to be her Mom.  She graduated with honors and she got to wear quite a few cords while marching down the aisle to pick up her diploma.  It was a pretty marvelous event.  Bill Cosby spoke at her graduation and he was very funny.  One of my other daughters texted a friend and said she was listening to him talk and her friend asked if it was ” the real  Bill Cosby?”  We thought that was pretty funny.

My second daughter, who is also magnificent is finished with her first year at college.  She has always been a really responsible young lady ( don’t ask me where she gets it  from?!)  And because of her responsible and warm nature, her college asked her to take an RA position, or residential assistant position in freshman year!   She got home and started applying for summer jobs right away and now she’s officially working over at the mall, so if anyone sees her, don’t bother her, she’s busy!

My third little lady, is coincidentally just as marvelous as her sisters in her own way of course, is the one I’m talking about when I’m telling you all about there being only 2 more days of school.  Today she said she watched several movies, played a game station game and played cards in class.  It is insane that they insist on keeping kids in school when there is no education going on!  But what do I care?!  She already took her SAT’s early by a couple of years and she’s got a score that can get her into Brown University!  I like to call the youngest my “Doctor,professor,wizard”.

Now in case my kids read this, which they rarely do, I want to make it straight that I don’t think one is smarter than the others!  I think they are all beautiful geniuses.

Aaack!  It’s so hard to  parent  brilliant young women!  Poor me! 🙂



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