What a Lot of Rain!

Last night I thought my house was going to blow away…the only thing that prevented it from being swept away with the howling wind was that it was waterlogged from days and days of rain.

The rain was so bad that a little old fox that lives somewhere behind my home decided to move her kits out of her hole…I could tell because she was busy harassing any animals that even came near her.  Her yowls were fierce!

I was going to go out and crank down a patio umbrella but I thought twice and decided not to go out because I was a little worried about meeting Mrs. Fox. I figured I didn’t care if my umbrella blew away.

The good news is it is finally sunny!  Yay Pottstown!

The odd thing for me was when I was driving around this morning about 9 am.   The neighborhood felt like a soaked sponge.  It even sounded soggy.  I don’t quite know how to explain what I’m saying.  I  just now have a feeling for what a community feels like after a drenching rain.

I’d say it felt “squelchy”.



2 thoughts on “What a Lot of Rain!”

    1. Hey Mark!

      How has the weather been out where you are? Today we had more awesome storms! I didn’t hear that there was too much damage, but they were pretty strong.

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