Attendance in School Matters!


I read an article over at the NYT about a partnership between the Ad Council and the Army to boost attendance in school for students

In short the idea is that parents aren’t aware of how important it is for kids to get to class every day.  A lot of children are off close to  a month a year.  Incredible, but it seems true.  So kids who are having a hard time with the material are going to really struggle if they aren’t even in school.  I get that.

What I’m not really sure about is the method of fixing the problem.  Get this- this Boost Attendance is a website that allows parents to sign up to find out whether their children are in school.  All you have to do is type in your mobile phone number and your child’s first name and their school and what state it is in.


How is it possible that my typing in my mobile and my child’s first name will allow me to access whether they are in school or not?

I checked out the website, it’s run by a company called “Eprize.”  They are the folks behind Survey Monkey and some other social sites that award prizes and alert customers to sales and they have a neat little app that allows apartment hunters to hold up their cell phone in an area and see all the interiors of local apartments.

I was a little surprised so I dug into it a little more and I couldn’t filter all the information but it seems it’s about API keys.  I know I must seem like an idiot because I don’t understand how computers are accessing more and more of our personal information…but I can’t process it.  Obviously I need more computer power in my head.

if someone understands why our children’s schools would be offering information on whether our children are in school or not, please send me a message at mogallant@gmail.com.  I’d also like to know why any parent would sign onto a site that gives their children’s information to third parties?




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