Glad People Are Still Visiting

I have to apologize for not posting lately.  I don’t know what happened, I think I felt kind of pointless spending all my energy typing out my thoughts.  It just felt like it was to no avail.  I mean, I do appreciate my friends who stop in, and sometimes leave me their thoughts.  But I guess I was going through a slump.

Well, I think the slump is sloughing off.  I know that I’m a lone voice and I don’t imagine my views really hold that much weight, but it’s because of that that I think it might be worthwhile to continue posting.  I sincerely believe I’m just an average person and I’m okay with that, but sometimes average folks aren’t treated all that well, have any of you noticed that?

There are things that come up in life that I sometimes tend to disregard because I think what difference can my frustration make?

There are books I read that I think , wow, I wish I could share what I think about that with others, but how do you do that unless you belong to a book club or something?

There are foods I enjoy and I’d really like to talk to others about how easy they are to prepare, or how simple they are to enjoy, and in my regular life- the people I know the best, already know what I like to eat, or what foods fascinate me.  So, the question is  Does anyone else care?

Despite the changes in the world, where bean counters are making decisions based   on the big picture- there are a lot of individual stories that still are powerful, and pertinent, and that really matter.

I’m not promising I’ll post regularly again and I’m not suggesting anything I post will move or inspire, or help anyone…but I know that is my hope.

Thanks again for those of you who have been checking to see if I’ve written anything.  It’s a good feeling to know that there are some folks who “get it”.

Let’s see what we are going to talk about next!




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