How Much Do You Understand About Syria?

If you are anything like me, Syria isn’t something you think about all the time, but lately you can’t listen to a news program without thinking about Damascus, or Homs.

I’d like to start in this post by saying that I’m pretty sad about all the upset and death that the people of Syria have had to deal with lately.  I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention to your homeland.  It’s grotesque that we haven’t figured out a way to solve political problems other than war!

Let’s get back to  talking specifically about Syria.  Syria is currently controlled by an administration that is run by a man who is the son of their former leader Haffez Al Assad.  The son is Bashaar Al Assad, he wasn’t expected to be the next leader, his brother who was being trained was in an accident and that is the way the world turns.

So “Assad” as we call him was trained as a dentist and lived in the West.  His view of how Syria should be is a little different from well, let’s say the folks who are with Al-Quaeda.  However, his views weren’t accepted by all the people in his country.  There are some who are seriously interested in making Syria a Muslim country with Muslim laws.  They don’t want the West influencing them.  Think Muslim Brotherhood.

Some other folks who didn’t like his views were with his military.  He ousted them from positions of relative power.  They are now part of the “rebels”.  This is why we sometimes hear that what is going on over in Syria  is a civil war, there isn’t anything civil about  it, but it’s amongst the people  who live in Syria.

I’m sure there are powers outside of Syria who’d like to have some control of that nation.  I’m not going to break my brain trying to figure out who wants to get power there or why.  I think we can assume it’s true.  The one thing that seems to bother the US particularly though is that Assad is friendly with Iran.  I am not going to explain why Iran is a problem, if you don’t know that, this posting won’t explain…just think nuclear rogue nation.  Assad likes them because they are Persian and they are more closely related to his faith as an Alawite?  This is where it matters if Muslims are Shia or Sunni, Shia are in Iran, and Sunni were also  Al Quaeda.  Please do not make the mistake  that I think all Sunni’s are terrorists!  I don’t, I’m just trying to keep this simple.

Let’s end there, in the next post we’ll talk about CW, or chemical warfare.


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