Smithsonian Free Museum Day this Saturday!

If you go to this site and choose a museum you will get 2 tickets for free so you can visit any museum that is one of the venues on the Smithsonian’s site.


I’m already signed up to go visit one!

Some local sites are the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles ( Great local museum)

The Reading Public Museum ( This is where I’m going!)

The Art Museum in Allentown ( great museum but you need time and I don’t have enough because it closes at 4pm)

America on Wheels in Allentown( never been but want to go)

the Brandywine River Museum ( lots of Wyeth here, nice snacks and museum store.)

and the National Christmas Museum in Lancaster ( I enjoyed this tour, but my kids didn’t love it.)

Have a  fun weekend whatever you do!






Kerry Signs Arms Trade Treaty

When I first read about this UN Treaty I thought it was a good idea, I mean who wants to help terrorists get weaponry like arms or jet fighters, or launchers for grenades.  The treaty is intended to work from country to country- and it isn’t about Gun rights in the US.  So I was completely okay with it.

Then I read a little more about what was going on.  Now the US supposedly has rules that regulate what kind of weapons are allowed to be sold by US companies on the market anyhow…so as Kerry says we have a history of not selling arms across government borders anyhow…but that isn’t exactly true. For example the US is and has said it was going to help arm the rebels in Syria.  If we send them weapons then would we be voiding the treaty?

Apparently the answer is no.  We can, as a country choose to encourage other groups, whether they are part of existing governments or rebels who want democratic governments.  So what the Arms Trade Treaty actually does is sort of confusing on it’s first read.  We want to restrain the ability of bad people to purchase weapons but we also want to sell weapons to other nations.  If it seems a little confusing to you too I’m glad.

If we delve in a little more we’ve got another big question popping up and that is why is Kerry signing a UN treaty without the approval of Congress?  Well, Kerry is acting for the President, and the President is allowed to create treaties when they have to do with foreign countries because most of the Constitution refers to laws taking place in America!  Of course America is always dealing with foreign countries so we can’t say that the President is the only person with power over relations with foreign governments,but his decisions do have a certain power.  They can and have been seen by the Supreme court as Supreme Laws of the land, but remember, there are restrictions on that power.

In a very large sense the President can’t sign treaties all by himself, but as I said,l sometimes, with something called the sole-executive clause, he can make decision all on his own, the good news is these are decisions which are either ratified by Congress, or they change with the new President.

Or I’m totally wrong, because heck, who am I? This stuff is awful confusing.

I think I’ve got it a little bit though.  Kerry can sign whatever Obama allows him to sign while Obama is in the White House.  It isn’t necessarily going to hold  up to our highest court’s scrutiny.  Obama knows that.  So why is he doing it?  So is he doing it to strengthen the UN?  I sort of think so.  I think this is a sign that the most powerful, military government in the world is working with the UN.

Now the question is Is that a good thing?  Or a bad thing?

Senator Corker has apparently written Obama a nice letter telling him that he has no right to sign this treaty.  You would think that these guys would have some of their trusted employees do some research on what Presidents are allowed to do before they say they aren’t allowed to do things.

The good news about this treaty is it has nothing at all to do with gun owners in the United States of America, unless you happen to be a criminal racketeer selling arms to other countries, and if that is true, it isn’t likely you are going to have a whole lot of your fellow Americans backing up your right to do so.





Malls as “Soft Targets”

The sorrowful  news of  this past week has been  the mall shooting in Africa where they currently believe 62 people have been murdered, over a hundred and fifty injured and 60 people are listed as missing.  It is one of the deadliest attacks in years and years.  It’s horrible isn’t it?

I n reading about the Kenyan mall attacks I noticed that at first some of the British papers were talking about a young woman they were labeling the “White Widow” who they seemed to think was instrumental in carrying out and planning the attacks.  Today over at Slate I read that the people who would know more about it, the  people in charge of security have said that the men who attacked shoppers in the mall were dressed like women and that there may not have been a woman in the group.

That is what happens when news is broadcast immediately.  You get a lot of chaff in your wheat!  The noise drowns out the facts.  It’s dirty news.

Still, a mall was used to attack citizens who were innocents.  They weren’t there as political pawns in some game of power.  They were eating at the food court, or shopping for clothing.  They shouldn’t be murdered for going about their lives!  And yet, that is what happened.

Some people are now discussing whether or not malls should have tighter security.  You know, they want to outfit them with metal detectors or better staff them with trained guards with weapons and permission to shoot to kill terrorists, but who wants to shop in a place that you have to strip before entering, or leave your purse or bookbag at a front desk before you can walk around inside.  I don’t want to get blown up while looking for a book or a toy.  It’s despicable that people would hurt other people like that, and so maybe we should protect ourselves.

I hate to be harsh, but I don’t think we are there yet.  I think this is a horrible situation and I’m dreadfully sorry for all of the families that were harmed, or disrupted, or just frightened by this attack on regular people.  But how many malls are there?  How many patrons do malls have?  How many terrorists have killed people in them?   It is very sad that it happened, but I don’t think we need to turn our malls into fortresses.

My heart goes out to all the folks who have been personally touched by the madness in Kenya.  I am so sorry.

I hope we’ll think about things like “soft targets” or places where there are a lot of people without a lot of protection.  I don’t necessarily want to invest in drastic countermeasures for something that might never occur, but I think it would serve us well if we thought a bit about it.  What do you think?





The Holidays are Approaching

The other day at work we were talking about the holidays coming up soon.  A friend has figured Christmas is 5 paychecks away!  Yikes!

Anyhow, that reminded me of some great sites online that I like checking out prior to Black Friday because they are places that list special deals.  For example I like checking out the following sites:






I make nothing for recommending those sites, so don’t complain to me if a product you order from them isn’t quite what you had hoped it would  be, or if something you order never shows up.  I have ordered from some of those sites and I’ve had relatively good results.  In the top three sites listed you’ll find links to other sites with items.  For example, they might have something on sale at Lowes, or Target, or Sears.  They also might have something listed on Amazon, or at an online catalog type site.

Tanga seems to have the kind of stuff you’d find at other disount stores, but it’s all online.  Their deals last for about 24 hours and when they are gone, they are gone!

Woot has a similar practice with one special deal of the day.  The deals are sometimes wonderful but you have to want that particular product.

DODtracker does the work for you in finding all the deal of the day sites and listing them on their own.

So good luck shopping online for your holiday gifts this year!




British Newspaper Reports on Naked Haunt in Sinking Springs

I was honestly totally surprised to hear that Shocktoberfest in Pennsylvania was having a naked haunt this year at their Sinking Spring location.  I have no idea where exactly this event is taking place because I’m not the kind of person that  enjoys the idea of disrobing in order to walk through a fake haunted location.  But the idea is apparently shocking enough to have news of it broadcast in England!

What do you think?  In the story it said that patrons would be asked to disrobe and then follow one another through to a courtyard where they’d be allowed to put their things back on again.  There would be no sexual activity allowed!

Now I don’ even know if this is true, because I haven’t made it my job to look into it, but if it is I have a tiny little question- HAS THE WORLD GONE CRAZY?

What ever happened to carving pumpkins and bobbing for apples around Halloween?




Shocking Coatesville Story!

I was really disgusted by the story over in Coatesville about the Superintendent and the Sports Coach.  I’m sorry, but I’m not naming names because I think they don’t deserve the attention, but I did check out what the Daily Local was reporting on those two and boy was I disgusted.

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about…well, you are lucky.  In short it is a rotten story about some idiots speaking in vile terms about their students, and their teaching staff.  Sheesh, they were just disrespectful in general to a lot of people.  I was glad that the Pottstown Mercury wrote an “Our View” editorial about their negative feelings on the matter.

I guess it’s a little ridiculous that I can’t mention anything here because I feel it is so darned distasteful, but it WAS!  If you really want to find out more about this horrible situation look up “Como and Donato”  and you’ll find the racist and sexist crap that I’m referring to here.

The good news is that lots of normal people are absolutely shocked at the disgusting texts these two “responsible leaders” were sharing with one another.  It’s just reprehensible and tonight I think the school board is inviting comment on the situation.  I imagine you’ll be hearing more about this situation in all the newscasts later on this evening.  Sorry about that!



Great Languages Game

You have to try this site: http://www.greatlanguagegame.com/play/

It has clips of languages, 78 at last count, and you get 3  lives when you begin the game.  You will get a choice of up to 5 different options when  you hear the sound of the voice,or voices.  You then choose the language and hope you are right.  I’ve played it a lot, and my best score so far was around 900 points, but I’ve had scores as low as 250.

I noticed that languages that are in the southern hemisphere, like in Oceania are way too easy for me to mix up.  But you should try to play and see how well you can recognize different languages.

Today I was also listening to a live feed over at the UN.  I heard the President of Brazil demanding that cyber crimes are punished.  I am making mention of the UN because it’s interesting that with all the languages available in the world, they only interpret in 6 languages.  

Pretty cool.





If I say the letters U, and N together, do your hackles rise?  It is beyond me why anyone would dislike the United Nations.  I don’t want to be led willy nilly by foreign countries myself, but if we are working in conjunction with other nations to create a better world for all of us?  I’m all for it.

The U.N does a lot of apparently wonderful things, and one of those things is what our post is about today.  I am recommending a website online called Freerice.com it is a site that allows you to answer questions about a range of topics in sort of a trivia game type way.  The answers are actually very difficult, or they can be depending upon  the users skill in answering.  I would like to mention though that some of their answers are a little shall we say dry?  They weren’t using all of the Webster’s dictionary to come up with their solutions for example, one word in the vocabulary section is ” effeminate” and to me that means displaying female characteristics, but to Freerice.,com?  The answer is “degenerate”.

There are questions in foreign languages, science, history, literature, and vocabulary..  It’s a great teaching tool for adults and they say if you play it regularly you might be surprised at how well you can use your knew knowledge!

Go learn a little bit!




I’m a Left Leaning Libtard!

The other night my daughter came home with a quiz online that was going to give her an idea as to which political party she’d feel  most closely aligned with.  It was quite an interesting quiz from my point of view and I was glad that she had to quiz family members on it as well.

We started the quiz and within seconds I was laughing almost hysterically because the questions seemed funny to me, for example here is one, but it’s not verbatim:

Do you think conflicts among nations should be solved with diplomatic efforts, or with military intervention?

I chose diplomacy.

Do you believe in God? Or do you think that your morals don’t have to come from a Superior Being?

I felt that morals can come from a relationship with God, but as far as I’m concerned, they are human constructs.

Do you think immigrants add to America’s traditional values or take away from them?

I thought they added something to America.

If these are the answers that make me a screaming liberal, then fine.  I like my fellow human beings, I don’t think we have to solve every problem with force, and I agree with those that say we are all alike in our differences and I think it makes for a fascinating and beautiful world.

One of my Republican friends called me “naive’.  I disagree, I think I’m hopeful!