If I say the letters U, and N together, do your hackles rise?  It is beyond me why anyone would dislike the United Nations.  I don’t want to be led willy nilly by foreign countries myself, but if we are working in conjunction with other nations to create a better world for all of us?  I’m all for it.

The U.N does a lot of apparently wonderful things, and one of those things is what our post is about today.  I am recommending a website online called Freerice.com it is a site that allows you to answer questions about a range of topics in sort of a trivia game type way.  The answers are actually very difficult, or they can be depending upon  the users skill in answering.  I would like to mention though that some of their answers are a little shall we say dry?  They weren’t using all of the Webster’s dictionary to come up with their solutions for example, one word in the vocabulary section is ” effeminate” and to me that means displaying female characteristics, but to Freerice.,com?  The answer is “degenerate”.

There are questions in foreign languages, science, history, literature, and vocabulary..  It’s a great teaching tool for adults and they say if you play it regularly you might be surprised at how well you can use your knew knowledge!

Go learn a little bit!




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