British Newspaper Reports on Naked Haunt in Sinking Springs

I was honestly totally surprised to hear that Shocktoberfest in Pennsylvania was having a naked haunt this year at their Sinking Spring location.  I have no idea where exactly this event is taking place because I’m not the kind of person that  enjoys the idea of disrobing in order to walk through a fake haunted location.  But the idea is apparently shocking enough to have news of it broadcast in England!

What do you think?  In the story it said that patrons would be asked to disrobe and then follow one another through to a courtyard where they’d be allowed to put their things back on again.  There would be no sexual activity allowed!

Now I don’ even know if this is true, because I haven’t made it my job to look into it, but if it is I have a tiny little question- HAS THE WORLD GONE CRAZY?

What ever happened to carving pumpkins and bobbing for apples around Halloween?



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