Great Languages Game

You have to try this site: http://www.greatlanguagegame.com/play/

It has clips of languages, 78 at last count, and you get 3  lives when you begin the game.  You will get a choice of up to 5 different options when  you hear the sound of the voice,or voices.  You then choose the language and hope you are right.  I’ve played it a lot, and my best score so far was around 900 points, but I’ve had scores as low as 250.

I noticed that languages that are in the southern hemisphere, like in Oceania are way too easy for me to mix up.  But you should try to play and see how well you can recognize different languages.

Today I was also listening to a live feed over at the UN.  I heard the President of Brazil demanding that cyber crimes are punished.  I am making mention of the UN because it’s interesting that with all the languages available in the world, they only interpret in 6 languages.  

Pretty cool.



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