If I say the letters U, and N together, do your hackles rise?  It is beyond me why anyone would dislike the United Nations.  I don’t want to be led willy nilly by foreign countries myself, but if we are working in conjunction with other nations to create a better world for all of us?  I’m all for it.

The U.N does a lot of apparently wonderful things, and one of those things is what our post is about today.  I am recommending a website online called Freerice.com it is a site that allows you to answer questions about a range of topics in sort of a trivia game type way.  The answers are actually very difficult, or they can be depending upon  the users skill in answering.  I would like to mention though that some of their answers are a little shall we say dry?  They weren’t using all of the Webster’s dictionary to come up with their solutions for example, one word in the vocabulary section is ” effeminate” and to me that means displaying female characteristics, but to Freerice.,com?  The answer is “degenerate”.

There are questions in foreign languages, science, history, literature, and vocabulary..  It’s a great teaching tool for adults and they say if you play it regularly you might be surprised at how well you can use your knew knowledge!

Go learn a little bit!




I’m a Left Leaning Libtard!

The other night my daughter came home with a quiz online that was going to give her an idea as to which political party she’d feel  most closely aligned with.  It was quite an interesting quiz from my point of view and I was glad that she had to quiz family members on it as well.

We started the quiz and within seconds I was laughing almost hysterically because the questions seemed funny to me, for example here is one, but it’s not verbatim:

Do you think conflicts among nations should be solved with diplomatic efforts, or with military intervention?

I chose diplomacy.

Do you believe in God? Or do you think that your morals don’t have to come from a Superior Being?

I felt that morals can come from a relationship with God, but as far as I’m concerned, they are human constructs.

Do you think immigrants add to America’s traditional values or take away from them?

I thought they added something to America.

If these are the answers that make me a screaming liberal, then fine.  I like my fellow human beings, I don’t think we have to solve every problem with force, and I agree with those that say we are all alike in our differences and I think it makes for a fascinating and beautiful world.

One of my Republican friends called me “naive’.  I disagree, I think I’m hopeful!