Is It Constitutional To Shut Down National Parks?

Hi, it’s me again, trying to answer another almost impossible question with little or no support to back my answers up, but hey, at least I’m trying to understand what happens outside of my own personal space.

Okay, if we look at the question about whether or not it is legitimate to shut down National Parks, not that this is a serious issue for most of us, but we are just using it to look at what this government shut down is about,…ugh.

Let’s start again…There is nothing in the US Constitution about maintaining parks!  There isn’t even much about maintaining buildings that government personnel operate in.  WE have gotten a little away from the strict guidelines that our Founding Fathers laid out for us.  There are some rules about voting in representatives, and some about making sure that they get paid, and there is a chain of command established, and some rules about equality under the law, and some rules about whether criminals can be in office, then there are rights about personal security, but not much about taking care of National Parks!

In fact, it appears that there were no offices like the EPA, or the DOD, or the Equal Opportunity Administration, or education departments, or Federal Aviation Authorities.  There is nothing about those offices at all.  There are some paragraphs that say that any financial obligations that the US becomes party to will be paid.

So if you are upset because you can’t get an FHA loan because no one is at the office that you need to contact….the Constitution isn’t going to help you one bit.

If you are frustrated because you can’t tour the White House….tough beans.

If you are irritated because you can’t file your tax info and expect to get it back immediately….now you might have an issue worth disputing!

The problem is that we’ve all gotten used to doing things the way they are generally done, that we put up with things that tax us, or are fines on us…and we usually don’t balk about it.

The deal is we can balk, but in order for any real change to happen, you need a lot of folks to agree with your point of view.

Right now we are busy playing the blame game.  It isn’t going to get us anywhere fast at all, but it’s where we are at right now.

What might help, is contacting your representatives to tell them how you feel, but please remember to be respectful!



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