Sheesh,  has anyone heard about the number that the Government has as it’s link to the Healthcare Exchanges?  If you want information on the new Affordable Care Act and you  want to talk to someone rather than going online to Healthcare.gov, or Health.gov. , then you can call


Some people in looking at their phone pads have realized that those numbers can be exchanged for letters that spell out something that is sort of disrespectful.  Check it out  yourself!

In case you don’t have a phone keypad handy, I’ll give you a hint


Notice the 1 has no corresponding letters on the keypad.

Okay, so If you add the extra 8 at the end, as I did in my title then you have a more complete insult.  Expect to see that number on T-shirts real soon.



Someone sold the government a nice number didn’t they? hehehehe

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