Government Shutdowns in the Past

This is the first shutdown in 17 years, however the government has shut down in the past, sometimes these were partial shutdowns.

You can find a list since 1976, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and now Obama have all been at the helm during shutdowns.  And sometimes these shutdowns have been about ideology.  Basically, if the President vetoes a spending bill, or a CR which is a continuing resolution, then the Government shuts down.

It doesn’t happen in other countries as far as I know, but it’s happening more and more in this one.

I hope that this problem is addressed, and I think that the buzz that is taking place among people is certainly going to create some kind of change.  In the past when there was a shutdown, we didn’t have any options but send letters or call our representatives.  These days we have those options, but we can also make a lot of noise in social media.  Representatives can hear first hand how American’s feel about the shutdowns.

Today I watched a segment with Rand Paul where he says that this “We will  not negotiate” hasn’t been poll tested, so he wishes people wouldn’t say that, but he thinks that the Republican party will win nonetheless.

I wonder if he’s right?



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