Practicing Free Speech Gets You Into Shut Down Venues

I’m not upset about an immigration rally that took place but I also wouldn’t arrest visitors to National sites around the country…but some people are upset that there was a rally for immigration rights and they are upset that veterans were arrested for checking out a memorial in NY city.  Officials apparently have said that if a rally is a First Amendment rights kind of thing- then it must be allowed to occur.

National Parks Service spokesman Mike Litterst said Tuesday’s immigration rally is being allowed because it is considered a First Amendment demonstrations. He also said the park service is now allowing veterans to visit the memorial for the same reason.

However, non-veterans not practicing free speech are still barred from the memorials and mall.

So, don’t be knocking down barriers, or charging into areas that are shut down, unless you are engaging in “Free Speech”.

In other news in DC, the House Gym has not been shut down, it was said to be on the list of things that were closed during the shut down, but it isn’t.  And do you know how the news station found out?  The
Congressional staffers gym HAS been closed, so workers and staff aren’t allowed to use their gyms, but House members are showering and working out in theirs!

Is this odd news or what?  I told you, it’s getting a little weird around here.

Move On.org just called me about  my opinions on the government shut down.  If you want to talk to them and give them your opinions you can call them at  1-877-281-1957.

Oh, and over at the Morning Call in Allentown, they have an article about shutdown employees being able to sign up daily for a free “Adult toy”.  The toy begins with a “v”.






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