Prepare Just in Case!

I have absolutely no inside information about anything! So don’t ask me, but as I’ve told you before I like reading the crazy pages online, I figure if they start shouting about something I figure it behooves me to pay a little attention.

They are now bellyaching about the government shutdown and default.

So I bet you are wondering why I’m mentioning that here, I mean, don’t most people in the US care about the antics on display in Washington?  What could crazy folks be saying that has any importance for the rest of us who are busy just hanging in there and taking care of what we have to in our regular lives?

Well, the crazy people like doom. They are like howler monkeys who get all excited when something bad happens.  And they are suggesting things like anarchy, which makes me a little uncomfy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think America is run by the crazies…at least not yet, but I do think that their excitement in this situation might be worth listening to because they think things are going to get worse in the next few days, hell, some of them think Earth is going to be annihilated on or around the third week in October, but let’s ignore that and think about what will  happen if their insanity begins spreading like a viral meme?

For example, some of them are talking about an article from a reputable news site ( US News and World Report) that talks about truckers shutting down DC this weekend.  Apparently if you don’t have T2SDA scrawled on your vehicle you aren’t making it through their wacko convoy.

To me, that seems outlandish, but I’m not the kind of person that does radical things in an emergency.  I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like being in emergencies.  Which is why I keep an ear out for craziness!

So, absolutely nothing might happen, Congress very well may decide to be adults about this whole mess and they’ll come together to fix things so that America can show the world how a fine Democracy runs …or, the gridlock will cause things to continue to sour..in which case it seems that some people spurred by this new information age thing…are  going to start getting involved in doing things they might not otherwise care about getting involved in.

No matter what happens I’ll be safe at home, with my canned goods and some water in case my electricity gets turned off.  I’ll have a couple of books to read and I’ll be sitting near my battery operated shortwave radio in case I need a dash of world news.

The world isn’t going to end!  The default won’t really mean the US is penniless, it will just cause our credit rating to suffer.  There aren’t going to be any zombies running around!

Just make sure you are ready… get a little cash.  Make sure your medication is current.

BE responsible!



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