Public Health Surveillance and HealthCare.gov

If you were buying a system that enabled you to see  what everyone without insurance in the US was purchasing, or was interested in having insurance for?  Would you want to use that information in the future?  I guess if you were smart you would want to be able to analyze it all.

The more I find out about this health care “solution” that the US government purchased from a company that is largely operating out of Canada with clients in the UK, I’m a little surprised.

When you hear how much money was invested in this company because of their vast experience in “federal contracts”…Which doesn’t mean the United States Federal Government!  It’s pretty shocking, especially because I’m hearing from programmers who are saying the costs are outrageous.

These contracts have no limit on costs.  There apparently wasn’t much in the way of bidding.

And worst of all, I now see why people on the far right were complaining about death panels. If the Government can decide where and what health requirements people need to access- then what is to stop them from getting themselves more involved in areas that at this point seem outside of their purview.

Why would they want a “cloud with  surveillance”?



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