Prepare Just in Case!

I have absolutely no inside information about anything! So don’t ask me, but as I’ve told you before I like reading the crazy pages online, I figure if they start shouting about something I figure it behooves me to pay a little attention.

They are now bellyaching about the government shutdown and default.

So I bet you are wondering why I’m mentioning that here, I mean, don’t most people in the US care about the antics on display in Washington?  What could crazy folks be saying that has any importance for the rest of us who are busy just hanging in there and taking care of what we have to in our regular lives?

Well, the crazy people like doom. They are like howler monkeys who get all excited when something bad happens.  And they are suggesting things like anarchy, which makes me a little uncomfy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think America is run by the crazies…at least not yet, but I do think that their excitement in this situation might be worth listening to because they think things are going to get worse in the next few days, hell, some of them think Earth is going to be annihilated on or around the third week in October, but let’s ignore that and think about what will  happen if their insanity begins spreading like a viral meme?

For example, some of them are talking about an article from a reputable news site ( US News and World Report) that talks about truckers shutting down DC this weekend.  Apparently if you don’t have T2SDA scrawled on your vehicle you aren’t making it through their wacko convoy.

To me, that seems outlandish, but I’m not the kind of person that does radical things in an emergency.  I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like being in emergencies.  Which is why I keep an ear out for craziness!

So, absolutely nothing might happen, Congress very well may decide to be adults about this whole mess and they’ll come together to fix things so that America can show the world how a fine Democracy runs …or, the gridlock will cause things to continue to sour..in which case it seems that some people spurred by this new information age thing…are  going to start getting involved in doing things they might not otherwise care about getting involved in.

No matter what happens I’ll be safe at home, with my canned goods and some water in case my electricity gets turned off.  I’ll have a couple of books to read and I’ll be sitting near my battery operated shortwave radio in case I need a dash of world news.

The world isn’t going to end!  The default won’t really mean the US is penniless, it will just cause our credit rating to suffer.  There aren’t going to be any zombies running around!

Just make sure you are ready… get a little cash.  Make sure your medication is current.

BE responsible!




Government Shutdowns in the Past

This is the first shutdown in 17 years, however the government has shut down in the past, sometimes these were partial shutdowns.

You can find a list since 1976, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and now Obama have all been at the helm during shutdowns.  And sometimes these shutdowns have been about ideology.  Basically, if the President vetoes a spending bill, or a CR which is a continuing resolution, then the Government shuts down.

It doesn’t happen in other countries as far as I know, but it’s happening more and more in this one.

I hope that this problem is addressed, and I think that the buzz that is taking place among people is certainly going to create some kind of change.  In the past when there was a shutdown, we didn’t have any options but send letters or call our representatives.  These days we have those options, but we can also make a lot of noise in social media.  Representatives can hear first hand how American’s feel about the shutdowns.

Today I watched a segment with Rand Paul where he says that this “We will  not negotiate” hasn’t been poll tested, so he wishes people wouldn’t say that, but he thinks that the Republican party will win nonetheless.

I wonder if he’s right?





Sheesh,  has anyone heard about the number that the Government has as it’s link to the Healthcare Exchanges?  If you want information on the new Affordable Care Act and you  want to talk to someone rather than going online to Healthcare.gov, or Health.gov. , then you can call


Some people in looking at their phone pads have realized that those numbers can be exchanged for letters that spell out something that is sort of disrespectful.  Check it out  yourself!

In case you don’t have a phone keypad handy, I’ll give you a hint


Notice the 1 has no corresponding letters on the keypad.

Okay, so If you add the extra 8 at the end, as I did in my title then you have a more complete insult.  Expect to see that number on T-shirts real soon.



Someone sold the government a nice number didn’t they? hehehehe


Is It Constitutional To Shut Down National Parks?

Hi, it’s me again, trying to answer another almost impossible question with little or no support to back my answers up, but hey, at least I’m trying to understand what happens outside of my own personal space.

Okay, if we look at the question about whether or not it is legitimate to shut down National Parks, not that this is a serious issue for most of us, but we are just using it to look at what this government shut down is about,…ugh.

Let’s start again…There is nothing in the US Constitution about maintaining parks!  There isn’t even much about maintaining buildings that government personnel operate in.  WE have gotten a little away from the strict guidelines that our Founding Fathers laid out for us.  There are some rules about voting in representatives, and some about making sure that they get paid, and there is a chain of command established, and some rules about equality under the law, and some rules about whether criminals can be in office, then there are rights about personal security, but not much about taking care of National Parks!

In fact, it appears that there were no offices like the EPA, or the DOD, or the Equal Opportunity Administration, or education departments, or Federal Aviation Authorities.  There is nothing about those offices at all.  There are some paragraphs that say that any financial obligations that the US becomes party to will be paid.

So if you are upset because you can’t get an FHA loan because no one is at the office that you need to contact….the Constitution isn’t going to help you one bit.

If you are frustrated because you can’t tour the White House….tough beans.

If you are irritated because you can’t file your tax info and expect to get it back immediately….now you might have an issue worth disputing!

The problem is that we’ve all gotten used to doing things the way they are generally done, that we put up with things that tax us, or are fines on us…and we usually don’t balk about it.

The deal is we can balk, but in order for any real change to happen, you need a lot of folks to agree with your point of view.

Right now we are busy playing the blame game.  It isn’t going to get us anywhere fast at all, but it’s where we are at right now.

What might help, is contacting your representatives to tell them how you feel, but please remember to be respectful!




Shut Happens!

For those of you who are paying attention to the game of the week, our Government has in fact shut down, at least it is in the process of shutting down, the actual close of work for lots of offices won’t be for a week or so, but if you are worried about what portions of the Government will be impacted, here is a list by Congressman Holt of NJ-

These critical services would not cease:


  • Social Security checks for seniors, people with disabilities and survivors would still go out. But new Social Security applications will likely not be processed during any shutdown, as during in the previous shutdowns.
  • Troops would continue to serve, though their pay could be put on hold.
  • Critical homeland security functions such as border security would continue.
  • The Postal Service, which is self-funded, will continue to operate.
  • The FAA would keep the air traffic control system open and safe.


However, some services would likely be affected:


  • Unemployment benefits: The federal funds that help states pay the costs of their unemployment programs could be affected depending on the length of the shutdown.
  • Veterans’ services: While VA hospitals will remain open, veterans’ benefits could be delayed or reduced, as was the case during the last shutdown.
  • National parks: National parks and the National Wildlife Refuge Systems would be among the first places to close if the government shuts down.
  • Passports: Passport and visa applications will not be processed. In the 1996 shutdown, over 200,000 passport applications and 30,000 daily visa applications went unprocessed.
  • IRS processing of tax refunds for some returns would be suspended.
  • FHA new home loan guarantees may cease.
  • SBA approval of applications for business loan guarantees and direct loans to small businesses would likely cease, impacting the engines of our economy and potentially slowing the economic recovery.
  • Farm loans and farm payments would cease.
  • Museums: National museums, including the Smithsonian Institution, would close in the event of a government shutdown.
  • Access to the U.S. Capitol: Guide and staff-led tours of the Capitol will be canceled. The House Gallery will remain open.



So, today for example, when the  Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington was closed, former Vets just pushed past the barriers to visit.

This is the first day!