Noisy Mowing!


Today I’m going to talk about mowing the lawn.  I’m laughing, because I don’t usually do the mowing, my sweet bear of a husband handles that job at our place, but when he does it, there are some areas of our property ( I’m making it sound like we live on an estate but it’s more like a lovely plot”.  But, some parts of my plot have nut trees.  I don’t generally save the nuts, but I’m sure I could if I could figure out how to easily open black walnuts, and how to keep the ugly muddy green stains off my skin!

Squirrels like the nuts, but they are tough on the mower.  When my guy mows in that area you hear the popping and clunking and exploding of the nuts beneath the machine.  So I was wondering if there were any “smarter ways” to collect the nuts.  Guess what?  I found this adorable tool that looks like one of those toddler push toys.  It is sort of a whisk on the end of a stick, but when you roll it over the nuts they slide into the interior of the “Nut Wizard”.  You just press a little bit and it sucks up the nuts.

Isn’t that cool?

I hope you are all having a lovely fall, and if you find any tips on  maintaining your lawn, or if you have any ideas for Thanksgiving ( a week away!)  send us a message here at Pottstown’s blog! Or you can email me at mogallant@gmail.com




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