Talented Kids!

I’ve got to brag about my daughter who is away at college, you don’t mind do you?

Her school just performed a play called ” All My Sons”.  And my daughter was “Kate” in the show.  Oh my gosh, it was spectacular.  The kids were fabulous.  My daughter’s part was incredibly moving and by the end of the play  I was stunned by the fact that I had just watched her morph into another human being.

The play was by Arthur Miller, and if you’ve read or seen any of his plays you’ll understand why we were a little worried about the tone of the play.  Sure enough, this one draws you in with it’s well drawn nostalgia for the past and then it smacks you in the face with some of the reality of that same period.

As I said, my daughter was Kate who  appears to be a fragile woman obsessed with believing that her son who went missing during the war, is alive!

As the play progresses, you meet their son’s former fiance’, and she’s in love with Kate’s other son.  Kate can’t bear to imagine these two starting a new life together.  Her husband Joe seems a little more sympathetic.  He appears to be the anchor in the family.  He’s a hard worker, he’s built a great business up from the ashes of a business that went down because of a problem with aircraft parts.  His former “partner” was jailed and even Joe was castigated by his neighbors when he got out of jail for being a “murderer” of their boys overseas.

The play was incredible.  I saw my kid go from loving and gently nagging spouse, to an almost harridan like creature who was panicked and petulant, and at last, a strong woman who was fighting with every beat of her heart, to keep her family strong.

All I could do was cry!  It’s a good thing my kids aren’t embarrassed by me!  It’s a very good thing!




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