What is Your Life Purpose?

About a fortnight ago, I was locked in an existential crisis!

Lol, let me start that again-  About two weeks ago, I had lost a job and I was feeling sort of aimless.  I know it sounds marvelous to be unfettered by things like alarm clocks and work schedules, but the reality is it ain’t all that hot to feel unproductive.  But I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been having some of those anxious feelings lately with the economy the way it has been.  So anyhow, instead of tearing apart tissues and staring at the help wanted pages, I decided to relax with a book.  Books to me are like soothing balms.

Anyhow, this particular book was one of those silly mysteries that I’m fond of.  It was about Aunt Dimity!  Aunt Dimity died a while back, but she has an uncanny ability to communicate through a notebook.  And this time  she was helping the heroine of the novel figure out a mystery about a lost Russian prince!  I enjoyed it heartily and what was really cool was at the end was a recipe for Russian teacakes!

What are Russian teacakes?  Oh, if you haven’t had them they are worth making!  Imagine a light cookie made of flour, and butter and confectioners sugar!  I didn’t dredge mine in nuts, but they were delicious just as they were.

So, I was quite prepared to start reading books and making the recipes within them!  As a matter of fact, I still think I might try that.  I can now because I am now working over at the Pottstown Regional Public Library!

If you want some books that are delicious, just send me an email.  I’ll hook you up.




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