Not News Today!

Have you heard anything about Obama’s reading of the Gettysburg Address?  If not, you are blessed, but if you have and you heard that he left out “under God” well, sit back and take a listen for a few minutes.

There are in fact 5 copies of the Gettysburg address.  There were two that were apparently written and used on the day of the address by Lincoln. Those copies are the Nicolay and the Hay copies.  Those copies aren’t exactly alike, but if you were to read them you’d notice that the words “under God” weren’t there.

Lincoln was asked to neaten the copies up and add his name and some nice margins, and so, there are some more versions that are called the Everett version, the Bancroft version, and the Bliss version.  Guess what these copies have in them?  You guessed it, these have the words “under God” in them.

Ken Burns apparently asked President Obama to read the Nicolay copy.  Therefore no one can say that the President left out the words.  He didn’t.  The copy he read from didn’t have them.




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