Scary Knock-Out Game! Should We Worrry? NOT

I’ve been reading about this new “game” that police are concerned about.   Victims are beaten up just for the fun of it.  No robberies are taking place, no other abuses, it’s just about knocking people out.  Doesn’t that sound scary???

Well, while I don’t particularly want anyone to sneak up on me and beat me up, the numbers aren’t exactly living up to the hype. For example, CBS in Philly is talking about some folks who have been attacked in this game, and one of them was in Merion, and one was in the Fox Chase area.  Now, Philly has about 1,526,000 people living in it and that is in the city alone.  So including surrounding areas like Merion and even Fox Chase, will up the numbers.   That means that the likelihood so far of being beaten up for fun in the Philly area is as great as well, let’s say falling out of bed and dying.  Some people would say it’s as great as getting hit by lightning, but when I looked into the statistics the 1 in 1.5 million risk is a myth.

Perhaps it’s true that the likelihood is as high as the person  becoming a movie star!

I’m not condoning hitting people, or attacking innocent victims!  As a matter of fact, I’m against it entirely.  And I also hope that I’ll avoid being abused in that way, but to start worrying about this happening to us just because there are a few idiots out there, is probably a little silly.  At least so far.

If thousands of people start getting beaten up- then  I’ll worry.



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