Hi Everybody! I’m Still Here!

Whoo Hoo! I’m back and I’d like to thank those of you who have popped by while I was sort of away.  This blog used to be so regular so I apologize to those of you who expect new content, but life happens!  The holidays whooshed by and today my college age daughter went back to school.  That is both good and bad as I’m sure many of you understand.  I’m glad she’s going back to be with her friends and college family, but I’ll  miss her energy and excitement around here.  Little sister misses her as well, but soon she’ll be back and in the meantime everyone is busy!

Did everyone have a nice holiday?  This year I was saying to some friends that there wasn’t anything I wanted.  It seemed so odd to me, not that I’m a very needy person but in the past there has always been something I was hoping to get as a gift. It wasn’t that I wanted big things, there was just something!  Actually, I remember asking older folks in the past what they wanted and they’d sigh and say ” Oh, I don’t really want anything.”  I always thought they were just saying that, now here I am saying the same thing- and meaning it!  So when I got some wonderful things it was all that much more special.  Aging is kind of cool.

There are a lot of things about aging that I’m not so thrilled with though.  The other day I was opening my hand and I felt this shocking ping zoom through my muscles and tendons and I was shocked.  I mentioned it to someone and they looked at me and said “could be arthritis”.  Zoiks! That is awful.  It’s awful because I hate to imagine that is what people suffering from arthritis feel, and I hate that I’m at the stage where aches and pains could be something that generally afflicts old folks.  Sigh.  The pain went away, but I have to admit the anxiety remains.

Also, have I mentioned my new job?  Lol.  I’m now working in the children’s department at the Pottstown library.  I love it.  I once worked in the adult section and while that was a great job too, I am better suited to working with young people, or even young at heart people.  It feels like a party to me every time a child “gets” a new idea.  I love seeing the light in their eyes when they understand a new concept, or they can recognize a word, or they understand the rhythm and pattern in a story.  It makes me feel younger!

Also, at our library the lower level was designed so that both children and teens could use it.  Some libraries have separate sections of their buildings for children and teens.  I think having the two groups in one level is really nice.  Teens don’t have to feel uncomfortable asking questions, and they have their own nook in an area we call the Cave, so while they are in an environment that has a little more color and sound, they are tucked away in their own space.

Well, hey, I can show you the library!  Come visit soon.



I’m Miss Maureen there 🙂


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