Medical Marijuana in PA?

Looks like Pennsylvania is thinking about allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes.  Here is an article with a neat slideshow with facts about marijuana.

I would like to say that I’m not for or against using it in healthcare.  If THC actually has medicinal properties then it seems like it’s foolish to restrict it because some people might abuse the substance, but I’m not for using it as a recreational drug simply because I’m against doing things that are illegal.

Read the article then tell me what you think.





3 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana in PA?”

  1. I agree with you that it should be used medicinally but your reasoning is not sound. You are for it because you realize that it has benefits but you are against using it recreationally because you are against doing things that are illegal. Well, guess what, using it for medical purposes in Pennsylvania is illegal so by your own reasoning you can not support it.

    1. Hi Les,

      I won’t argue with you about my apparent lack of reasoning here. What can I tell you? I like obeying laws, even if the law makes marijuana illegal. On the other hand, I wouldn’t object to anyone who wants to try to change the law. Change can be good.

      Thanks for your input. I am glad you visited and I’m glad you commented.


  2. Well thank you. I am organizing a rally on March 31 in the Rotunda of the State Capitol building to attempt to do just that. Details can be found on the Facebook event’s page for the Keystone Cannabis Reform Rally and also my Facebook page Pennsylvania Hempland Security. This will be my seventh rally that I have organized or helped organize in a bit over one year including rallies in Lancaster, York and Reading. I am a hemp historian who has written a book about the history of the hemp industry in early Pennsylvania called Hempstone Heritage.

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