Delaware Art Museum Free Sundays

I got to go to the Delaware Art Museum yesterday with my family, at least with the members who were available.  And it was really cool.  We were there about 2 or 3 years ago, and it was just as nice then, but I thought we’d go back and check it out again and what better way to do it than go on a day that it’s free to visitors?  Sundays are free!  We left at about 10:30, picked up one person on the way and we were there at 11:30.  That gave us time  to check out their labyrinth.

The museum had some wonderful illustrations from some early magazines and books by Howard Pyle. It had some of Rosetti’s work, it had some modern art, some glass art, some furniture and some sculptures.  I was a  little freaked out by a horse, well, it was a horse shape made entirely of horse hair.  It was kind of like a horse version of  Cousin It from the Addams family.  It also had some NC Wyeth work and a Hopper painting of a lighthouse.

I really enjoyed myself.  Now you go!  Tell them I told you to go. 🙂




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