Making Quiet Time

I hope you’ll humor me for a minute as I talk about something I think is pretty important.  I’d like to talk about building quite time into all of our lives.  In the last post I was talking about a hobby I engage in once in a while, and it’s a hobby I could do with a television or radio playing in the background.  I could do it while talking with friends, but I can also do it when everything is quiet.  I’m betting some of you are thinking “So?  What is the big deal?”

Well, it’s a big deal to our kids.  These days they are drowning in sound and activity and if we don’t make an effort to teach them how to enjoy quiet time we are all going to suffer from the constant drone of low grade noise.  Children have a habit of raising their voices until they are heard.  If you have spent any time at all around them, you’ll  know that is true.  If your children can’t settle, or they  can’t talk quietly, or they seem loud all the time it might be a result of the background sound in their world.  We adults have a little bit of control over that especially when children are young.

I’m not telling anyone to stifle a child.  My idea isn’t about restricting children from talking or playing.  I’m not an advocate of “children should be seen and not heard”.  No, I just think we all have to work a little harder to build some peace into our incredibly busy lives.

How do you feel in a noisy space?  How do you feel in a quiet space.  Some of us will feel more anxious in a quiet space than in a space filled with background noise.  But let’s change our perception a bit and let’s imagine you are standing in the middle of a busy street with cars and trucks bustling by and people moving in and around you while they talk to friends, or on cell phones.  And now, let’s imagine being in a park where the only thing you hear is wind blowing through trees causing the branches to creak.  Or think about standing outside on a snowy night, can you imagine the silence pressing on your ears?  Real life is about sound and silence.  Maybe we need to make sure our children appreciate quiet.

What do you think?



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