Pottstown Professionals? Help!

I’ve got a request for professionals in the Pottstown area, I’d like to know if you can spend a few minutes of your time talking about YOU.  I’d love folks of all stripes to jump at the chance and let’s be absolutely clear, this would be a donation of your time, and NOTHING ELSE.  That is it.  I really want you and I want you to share yourself with some very important people.  The only thing you might have to do after you share a little about yourself is answer some pretty wonderful questions.  It could take 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or more, it is all up to you.

Okay, that is the request, now I have to wait for some wonderful folks to take me up on it.  You can reach me at mogallant@gmail.com.  And don’t worry, if you read this and you think I’m not really talking to you….I’ll keep asking so sooner or later you’ll know I mean you too!

One more time, are you a grownup with an interesting job?  Contact me!!!!  Are you a grownup with A job?   Contact me!!!



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