Word Test!

I took a word test from the University of Ghent.

Don’t ask me where Ghent is, I have a guess, but since I didn’t invest any time in checking I can’t dare to say.   Anyhow, over at metafilter, which is a site I love, they were discussing this word knowledge test.  So of course I wandered over there to take it.  And guess what?  I did pretty good.  Actually I did great.  My score was 83 percent, which sounds okay, but I also didn’t pretend to know words that weren’t actually words.  If you dare to say a non-word is a word, then they’ll take off some serious points.  So I got NO non-words, and 83 percent right when it came to real words.  I’m pretty proud of myself.

In truth, some of the words they said were “real” I happen to disagree with so I sent them my own opinion on their word list.  My opinion is I probably should have scored higher, but hey, they aren’t in an English speaking country so maybe it’s natural for them to just add endings to words and imagine that they are legitimate.  Like, they said “gran” is a word and it means grandmother.  I didn’t think that was quite fair, because some of the words are words like amanuensis, and epistemology.  I guessed gran wasn’t a word, but I didn’t know they were allowing for words that don’t show up in most dictionaries.

I was playing scrabble with some hard bitten toughs one night, and one of them played the word “za”.  I was  like, “hey dude, that isn’t a real word for anything!”  And they showed me that Scrabble accepts that as a word for pizza.


If you want to take the word test, hit me up.  I’ll send you the link.



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