Icy Night

It’s cold and white around here.  First thing this morning the rain was peppering the roof, then it got quiet and I looked outside and saw the snow coating the trees and the grass.  What an incredibly snowy year this has been so far.

Today my workplace was closed due to the weather, so I spent some more time working on a lap throw and reading.  I have always liked to read, but now it’s getting to be a bit manic.  I read three books yesterday.  I read two young adult stories and Jack Kerouac’s book “On the Road”.  I have the impression that I’m going to read until I’m full and then somehow, all of this information will inspire me.  How?  I have no clue.

Instead of picking up a book this evening I thought I’d come here online.  I have no reason to be interested in the wasting disease that starfish are displaying on the West coast, but nonetheless that was what I was reading about.  The truth is that starfish are pretty interesting.  Did you know that scientists have determined that simply by picking up a starfish and floating it in methane , then squeezing it out they have a crude but powerful toxin.  Who knew starfish were toxic?  It turns out that since they are lying on the bottom of the ocean they are exposed to a lot of nasty bacteria and their method of getting rid of it all seems more practical than our bodies methods.  Who knew???

I wasn’t able to figure out what the wasting problem was for the starfish, but I love learning new things.  I don’t like the icy cold weather, but I do like the fact that I’m stuck indoors and that means I have to “entertain” my brain.  ( Yes, finding information about starfish entertains me!) 🙂

We probably don’t have a lot of naturally occurring starfish in the Pottstown area…but you never know when I’ll need to know about them.

WE have TONS of snow.

Night folks. Stay safe and warm.





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