Books I’ve Read This Week…

I read Feed, and Speak, and Notes from an Accidental Band Geek.  They were all good books but I think I enjoyed Speak most of all.

Feed was a little tough to get into, the lingo is what the author imagined kids might sound like in the future when the entire world is physically linked to their computer feeds.  It’s kind of a dark story that features a young woman who isn’t as tied into the net as her friends and acquaintances are.  Her feed fails her and in the future, that is something like severe organ damage.  Her body is dying.  The story talks about young love, and trust, and the commercialization of absolutely everything.  When I reached the end of the story, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted everyone to go on with their lives and be as happy as they could…I just was done reading the book.

In the book Speak, there was a little more juice in it for me.  The story starts with a young woman who called the cops on a teen party.  The cops arrive and some teens are busted, and the end result is that her fellow students sees the lead character as a snitch.  They don’t speak to her and they make her life pretty miserable.  She isn’t a natural speaker.  She withdraws further into herself and life isn’t helping.  It’s hard enough to be a teen, but not having anyone to talk to makes it almost impossible.  While the people around her know that there is something wrong, no one can reach through to  her to shake her out of her mutism.  Although, fortunately she has one class that allows her  to totally get into a flow, it is her art class and I’ve got to say that I was pleased to read a book that emphasized the importance of things other than “reading, writing and arithmetic”  I really enjoyed this story even though it was a tough read because of the strong emotional content.

The last book I read was about the “Accidental Band Geek”. We meet Elsie who needs to get into a camp for talented musicians called Shining Birches, but in order to do so she has to have been in an ensemble group, or a band. She enrolls in her high school band, but Elsie can’t imagine what the point of marching band is.  Music isn’t about football, or parades.  Still, fter hearing her father worry about her chances at the talented musicians camp she decides she’s going to show him by excelling in the marching band.  The book explains a lot of the behind the scenes stuff about being a band geek.  We follow Elsie as she learns her part in the bigger picture, we also see how much pleasure she gets being part of something bigger than herself.  I liked it although I didn’t find the “voice” as genuine as I would have liked.   I did learn not to lock your knees when standing for long periods of time in the heat.  I learned that kids faint like crazy when they lock their knees because the blood tends to pool and that wipes out players.  Read and learn!

There are lots more books that are waiting for me to read them at the library…but it would be fabuloso if someone else shared one of their favorites with me.  I’ll read it next!




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