Rolling Magazines

If you are a parent and you want something for your kids to do and you’ve got nothing but a few ad flyers or some old magazines lying around then listen up!  Rip the pages out and tightly roll them from one corner to the other.  Yes, I know that you’ll be using a rectangular piece of paper that won’t roll evenly.  It won’t matter.  What you’ll have after rolling for a while is a bunch of sticks of paper.  Stick a little piece of tape when you reach the end of the paper roll.  These sticks which are hand made,  wind up in quite a lot of slightly varying sizes which allows you to stuff one into another ,and so on, and so on.  That means you can build with these paper mini poles and you can ultimately tape your creations together to make 3 dimensional shapes.

I wound up sticking all of my sticks into one another so that what once was a magazine now became a pointer that I could stretch across a 16 foot space!

When I got tired of having a long stick I slipped my individual sticks apart and shoved them in a vase.  They are there for the next time I feel like using them.

They are free, they are colorful and they are  a lot more fun than they were as old holiday catalogs now that it is  February!

Go on, try it, you’ll be hooked.




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