Biathalon! Or How Folks Ski and Shoot!

When I heard my husband talking about the Olympic sport of skiing and shooting things I thought he was joking.  I am not a big sports enthusiast so it shouldn’t be a shock to anyone that I don’t know what qualifies as a sport and what doesn’t, but it was just so strange to me to imagine people skiing downhill with automatic weapons.  It seemed more Hollywood than Sochi.  I could see Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren hiding in the snowy woods, shooting people as they zipped and dodged icy jumps.  Arnold Schwarzenegger does that kind of thing, maybe even James Bond.  But to accept that this was a real Olympic event?  That seemed ludicrous.

I asked why they didn’t have a sport where people ran and shot at things?!  OR what about a sport where people swam and shot at things?

I had to go learn a couple of things.

It turns out that skiing and shooting is a sport.  There is also a summer version.  In the non-winter version of this sport people run and shoot at things.  So, running and/or skiing while shooting at things is an actual sport with a real name.  BIATHALON

I don’t think there is a swim and shoot event just yet.


My daughter suggested that perhaps participants in a water event could use harpoons.  I said I wouldn’t want to be a judge of any of these sports.




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