DJ’s Steve Harper and Leeana Karlson Have Some Splainin to Do!

In the past couple of days there has been a lot of noise about a birthday party for a little girl named Sophia who was said to have had gay parents and the story was that when the child’s family sent out invitations one mother objected and said her child “tommy” wouldn’t be attending because she didn’t approve of the gay lifestyle.  She gave her phone number in case the parents wanted to contact her directly.  The two DJ’s published the information.

Well, it’ss all made up, at least that is what the two tricksters are saying now.

Personally I can’t believe that we are led by our emotions in the first place.   What good does it do for a hundred thousand people to get themselves all inflamed over nonsense?  If it was true that there was a real mother that was being so outlandishly rude then that is on her!

I’m more disturbed that the “gatekeepers” or professionals in the media would make up a story like this and portray it as sincere.

Sheesh, I’ll probably find out that they didn’t actually post any information on it, and they didn’t say it wasn’t true later, and in fact they don’t even exist 🙂

Remember back when we only worried about things that had an impact on our own lives?

I’m not linking you to anything because there is nothing important to link to in my personal opinion.  But in case any of you had heard the story, and you thought it was for real, I thought I’d just let you down easy before it’s all over the news.



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