PA Bridges Will Be Privatized?

I just read this about bridges being built with private money thanks to a law passed in 2012.

See what you think-

A 2012 law authorizing “public-private partnerships” will enable PennDOT to team up with a private-sector partner that will finance, design, build and maintain the 500 bridges for up to 35 years. The state won’t have to borrow to build the bridges — the private partner will do that, and be repaid over the lifetime of the contract. By “bundling” the 500 bridges into one project, PennDOT thinks it can save money on design, and ultimately maintenance. That could be a boon to taxpayers, and to motorists,who could see better roads and bridges sooner.

Other aspects of the law could be a bane. The law explicitly permits “user fees” — tolls — on new or rebuilt roads or bridges, though PennDOT officials stress none of the 500 bridges in the rapid replacement project will be tolled. But, down the line, motorists could see more toll booths, or EZ Pass restrictions

You’ll find more over at Lancasteronline.com


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